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WPEdge Basic

WPEdge cloud hosting can help your business as it keeps your website running fast and secure. When visitors come to your website they want to have a good user experience. One way is with fast loading web pages.

WPEdge Plus

With WPEdge Plus, not only will your website be hosted on our private servers, your website will be updated weekly with all of the latest updates for your web site. You never have to worry about this again.

WPEdge Premium

WPEdge Premium, not only offers premium hosting, software updates and daily backups, it also adds extra layers of security to provide the highest level of protection against website attacks. This gives you piece of mind.

Our Website Hosting

Our web hosting is fast! We only host WordPress websites on our private servers that are fully optimized for WordPress. We offer UNLIMITED vistors and UNLIMITED page views. Daily backups available. We use PHP 7 with NGINX on Apache servers using Maria databases. Security is at the fore front of our services. Our servers use the latest security software to protect your site. We offer free security certificates for every site we host. Our hosting is fully managed, so you never have to touch the server. Most of our current clients came from other web hosts. Clients have compared performances with us, and in 99% of cases, all clients told that performance was superior with us. Being a cloud host, our down time is practically non-existent!

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We use use Apache Servers on a Linux based system that run PHP 7 and NGINX. We Use Maria databases.

They are extremely fast! Most of sites load in a second or less. Our servers support HTTP2

We only host WordPress Websites. This helps us optimize for WordPress keeping it fast and secure.

Yes we do. All of the websites we host come with a free SSL certificate. (Essential these days for trust of visitors and speed of http2)

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